Troy Ryan

Financial Planner

In 2014 Troy commenced working in accounting firms and by 2020 was accepted as a Chartered Accountant.

Recognising that the skills he had developed were transferrable to Financial Planning, an area in which he holds a personal interest, Troy embarked on a career change. After completing his Master of Financial Planning studies in mid-2021, Troy joined Williamson Partners in September 2021 to commence his Professional Year which he completed in 2022.

Troy takes pleasure from establishing and maintaining strong relationships built on trust, expertise, and an instinctive compassion for clients under his care.

Troy was born and raised and still lives in the outer-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He aims for a well-balanced life. If he is not training at the gym, you might find him camped by a river relaxing with a good book or enjoying time with family. Troy is also a keen dirt bike rider.