A-Z of Deductions

Lists the most common income tax deductions for individuals.

Assessable Income

Information on what income is subject to tax and what needs to be included in your income tax return.


Taxation implications of running a business are numerous. Find out the common tax issues associated with running a business.


Find out what deductions are available to individual income tax payers to make sure you don’t pay more than you should.

Rental Properties

Read about the tax implications of owning an investment property. What income is subject to tax and what deductions you can claim.

Offsets & Rebates

Tax offsets (formerly rebates) reduce the amount of tax you pay. Have a look at which offsets you are eligible for.

Record Keeping

The onus of proof rests with the taxpayer. You need to be able to substantiate your claims. The best way to do this is with written evidence. What records do you need to keep and for how long?

Other Tax Considerations

There’s more to tax than income and deductions. Capital gains tax, negative gearing and PAYG Instalments are a few of the additional tax issues may taxpayers face.